tai lopez 60 step 1

Step 1: billionaires brain and Jennifer voice

• Before you read a book or learn from someone. Ask yourself is he or she worth  a damn
• To get what you want, you need to deserve what you want
• I need to be worth a damn and need to be aware of my surroundings
• There’s 3 types of people Make things happen, observing, wonder what happens.
• Money is reciprocal, what you do for the world of what you get. Meaning what you do will show your bank account
• Add value to the world and this is how you will make money
• Health issues and traumas these industries are major
• Imagine if you can pick a person in class you can pick and get 10% of their future earnings
• Will you pick yourself ? If not why not ?
• Awareness is Key, what do you observe in the room that others don’t
• Get more skills and deserve what you want
• You need to be worth a fucking damn
• Sam walton didn’t create the discount industry it was already there, what he did do was spy on his competitors and do it better
• Pablo Picasso good artist copy and great artist steal. Who are the ppl you can steal from and combine them into a great idea
• Do things for other ppl. Feed off the other things you do for other ppl
Questions to answer
1. What’s my plan to start deserving what I want from life? Health, wealth, Love and happiness.
2. From 1 – 10 what’s you deservent/ awareness/ worth a damn factor
3. And why you think it’s that way and how can you increase it
4. Would you bet 10 % on yourself in hs and if not what can you do now to change it
 Are you worth it, do you deserve it ?